Las Cumbres at Home 26/11

Good Afternoon Junior 1!!!!

Jingle bells, jingle bells…
Jingle all the way!!!

Bug Club

Let’s practise reading with Bug Club! Read “What is in my Net?”!

Listen to your Heart!!

Watch this video I chose for you!

Now, go to the Padlet and make a wish for 2021. Close your eyes and think carefully!

Have a lovely weekend!!

I love you sooo very much,

Miss Mili

Las Cumbres at Home 11/10

Helloooo Junior 1!!!

It’s the final countdown!!!

I will see you in MEET!!

Which TEAM is going to be the winner?!

Team 1B: Ice Cream Monsters

Filippo – Mateo – Lulu – Emi D. – Margarita – Pepi – Pachi – Juani M.

Team 2B: The Penguin

Bernie – Fermin – Teode – Ade – Pia – Migue – Oli

Team 1A: Team Rock

Santi – Felipe – Salvi – Lola – Simona – Juana Z – Emi L.

Team 2A: Quarantine 537

Momo – Santos – Beltru – Joaqui – Sofi – Mia – Cami

Well done Junior 1!! 

I love you soooo very much,

Miss Mili