Las Cumbres at Home 30/09

Good afternoon kiddies!! How are you today? Are you ready to work?

This is monster Bop! He is a hairy scary monster! Touch the picture and listen to his song!

Do this activity now!

Monster Bop, una ficha interactiva de cataperkins

Let´s draw a monster now! Read the description and make a drawing of yout monster in the green copybook.

This is a monster.

He is small and green.

He has got four arms and four legs.

He has got seven eyes and four noses.

He hasn´t got ears.

He is happy.

Send your monster through Handing!


Revise these sounds, then do the activity here or in your booklets.

Touch the picture and listen to the word!

Phonics, una ficha interactiva de cataperkins

Well done kiddies!! Time to rest now!

Las Cumbres at Home 29/09

Hello Junior 1!! Today we have meet and we will do the following!

We will read the story «A new monster at school».

We will do the book activity together.

And we will describe one of the monsters in our green copybooks.

Before or after the meet you will do the following:

Watch Miss Mili´s video again!

Do this activity. Listen and choose «yes» or «no».

Look! The kids found an alien! Watch the videos!

Do this activity now!

Alien, an interactive worksheet by cataperkins

You worked really well kiddies! That´s it for today!


¡Buen díaaaaaaaaaaa chicos!




Acuerdense que las preguntas las respondemos en nuestro cuaderno rojo

¡¡¡Esperamos que les guste el cuento!!!

Pili y Glori

Las Cumbres at Home 28/09

Good afternoon Junior 1! Hope you had a nice weekend! Ready to start working?

Play this game to revise parts of the body!

Now, watch Miss Mili´s video about what a monster «has got» and what he «hasn´t got».

Do this activity now! Read the monster description and match it with the correct picture.

Tomorrow we will read a story called «A new monster at school». What do you think it might be about?

Match the words to the correct monster. You can listen to the words in the vocaroo:

Great job Junior 1! See you tomorrow in meet!

Las Cumbres at Home (24/09)

Hi Junior 1! Today we will do the following in meet:

We will revise parts of the body.

We will play Simon says!

We will also play hangman!

Look at Sully and Mike! Drag and drop the parts of the body!

Monsters Inc, an interactive worksheet by cataperkins

Before or after the meet you will work on the following activities.

Parts of the body bits!

Now listen and choose the correct monster!

Today you will read «Big fat rat». Then, copy the date and the title and draw your favourite part of the story.

Thursday, September 24

Big fat rat

Super job Junior 1! Have a nice weekend!