Mission n°60!

Hi kiddies!! Today is the last day! I am so proud of all the effort you have made in Las Cumbres at home!

We have finished the project «Our city, a great place to live». Have a look at the final video where you can see what we did and what Junior 2 and Junior 3 did as well. You did such a great job!!

You can leave a comment!

Also, don’t forget to watch Miss Mili’s video!

Remember tomorrow we meet at 10.40 in meet to say goodbye before the winter holidays! See you then!

Mission n°59!

Hi kiddies! Today we have meet and we will do the following:

We will play a «places in the city» bingo!

Do you know who the winner of the «City mouse» vs «Country mouse» voting was? It was the country mouse!!

So, we will dance the following country song!

Before or after the meet you will work on your own.

Group 6 bits!

Now, complete the following padlet with your favourite words from the project «My city, a great place to live»!

Hecho con Padlet

Great job Junior 1! Remember tomorrow we have «Get together» so there won´t be anything posted here in the blog!

Mission n°58!

Hi kiddies!! Did you have a nice long weekend? This is our last week before the holidays! Let’s enjoy it!

Let’s listen to the songs of group n° 6!

Group 6 bits!

Let’s do this worksheet now! You can do it here or in your booklet.

Phonics, an interactive worksheet by cataperkins

Let’s read a Bug Club book now! Remember to do the bug activities!

Write the date and the title now. Then, make a drawing of your favourite part of the story!

Monday, July 13th

Kit´s Kip

Good job kiddies! See you tomorrow in meet!

Mission n° 57!

Hi kiddies! Let’s start working!

First, we will revise the /th/ sound. Listen to the song again and then do the /th/ bits!

Now, let´s go on working with the project we are doing with Junior 2 and Junior 3. Listen to the «City mouse and country mouse» song again and sing it!!

Watch this video now!

Finally, each of you will make a place in the city. You may use boxes, paper, paint, markers, and whatever you want. So together, we’ll build our city! When you finish your place take a photo of it and send it to me through handing. We will make a lovely video about the city!

School: Lulu

Park: Margarita, Pia

Playground: Emi D.

Bank: Joaqui, Salvi

Library: Santos

Bookstore: Momo

Post office: Pepi

Police Station: Pachi

Computer Store: Emi L.

Museum: Oli

Gas station: Migue

Toy store: Mateo, Felipe

Supermarket: Teode, Cami

Restaurant: Fermin, Bernie

Bakery: Juani M. , Lola

Train station: Sofi

Factory: Adelita

Church: Juani Z.

Hotel: Beltru

Stadium: Filippo

Bus stop: Santi

Hospital: Mia, Simo

Time to rest now kiddies! Have a beautiful long weekend!!