Mission n°23!

Hi kiddies!! Today we are having lessons in meet to revise the /ai/ and the /j/ sound and to share the shape hunt you did at home.

Before, or after the meet we will work in the book! Watch the following story!

Go to page 26 of your books!

Watch part 2 of the story now!

Go and work with Miss Mili now kiddies!! Have a great weekend!

Mission n°22!

Good afternoon kiddies! Let´s keep on working on the project we share with Miss Pili: «Leaving our green footprint«!

Listen to the 3Rs song!

Play the following recycling game!


Let´s revise shapes with the shapes song!

Go to pages 24 and 25. Let’s listen to following story about shapes!

Good job kiddies! For tomorrow you will have to go on a shape hunt at home. In the meet you will share some of the shapes you found. We will also do some revision on sounds /ai/ and /j/. See you tomorrow!!

Mission n°21!

Tuesday, April 28th

The /ai/ sound

Let´s watch the unit opener!

Now, go to page 21 of your books!

Go to page 22 now!

Listen and repeat!

Listen and number!

How many sides has each shape have? Three, four, one, or more than four? Count and write them in the correct place!

See you tomorrow kiddies!! You worked really well!

Mission n°20!

Hi kiddies!! We are going to do lots of things today!

First, let’s learn the new sound!!

Go to your Bug Club accounts. Read the following story and do the bug activities!

Now, let’s revise «Our World» poem!

Our world: Santi, Momo 

The grass is green:Teode, Bernie, Beltran

The sky is blue: Lulu, Fermin, Margarita

The moon is white:Pepi, Pachi, Sofi

The clouds are too!: Miguel, Emi D.

The sun is yellow: Pia, Santos, Ade

The trees are brown: Cami, Emi L, Oli

The leaves are red, when falling down: Felipe, Simona

The sunset´s orange: Mia, Juana M., Mateo

The air is clear: Joaquina, Filippo, Juana Z.

What a wonderful world we have right here!: Salvi, Lola

Remember, you have to make a drawing of the part you got and record it in vocaroo!

We will start a new unit of our book Now I Know!! Listen to the shapes song and sing it at home!

Have a look at picture. What shapes can you see there? Go to the following lino, choose a post it and write: I can see a…

You did a great job kiddies! See you tomorrow!





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Como parte de nuestro proyecto “Dejando nuestra huella verde” y después de haber trabajo sobre el concepto de las 3R, les queremos proponer un RETO: crear un objeto utilizando material reciclado. Puede ser cualquier objeto, pero lo más importante es que no olvides que tenés que realizarlo con lo que tenés en tu casa. ¡Sé creativo! Esperamos tu foto que evidencie el objeto reciclado que creaste. Tenés toda la semana… ¡SUERTE!