Our first day in first grade!

Today was our first day in first grade and we had so much fun. Each of us got a crayon and we decorated it, wrote our names, and stuck it in a big crayon box. We learnt that we are all different, just like the crayons, but that together we make a complete and beautiful picture.

We also took some nice crowns home to show everybody that we had a wonderful first day in first grade!!

Welcome to Junior 1!!

Hi kiddies! We are so excited to be your teachers this year! We are going to learn lots of wonderful things and we will have fun at the same time. It will be an amazing year!

We leave you a beautiful song by Bruno Mars for you to listen to It is called «Don´t give up». Sometimes you may feel that some things are difficult to achieve but we will always be there to help you and support you, so never give up!!


Miss Cata & Miss Mili